"A Cheesy Episode"
Season: 2
Airing Information
Released: March 5, 2010
Written by: Dane Boedigheimer
Episode Chronology
"Annoying Orange gets Autotuned"
"Luck o' the Irish"

A Cheesy Episode is the 5th episode of season 2010 from Annoying Orange.


Orange takes puns to a new level when cheese arrives.


The episode starts with Orange saying puns about Cheese and about other things, with a block of Cheese with a short temper constantly gets annoyed by this. When Orange tries to annoy him again, Cheese eventually had enough of this and starts singing, which Orange follows him until Cheese finally gets fed up, and requests to die. When Grater came to grate him into cheese for a pizza, Cheese became overjoyed of this, and thinks that he will not regret.

Meanwhile, Cheese survived and was still being annoyed by Orange, while Cheese regrets his suicide, and then starts whimpering.


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  • At the beginning of this episode, Orange was already telling jokes and puns to Cheese rather than having Cheese being placed on the counter and then Orange beginning to tell jokes and puns to him as normally.
  • This is the first episode to show the amount of pain and suffering that Orange can cause with his annoyance.
  • This is the first episode to have a cheese appeared in a episode. (Second was Bonsai Tree.)
  • A clip of this episode can be seen on Annoying Orange Marketing Promo Reel.
  • This is the so far only episode to refer a noun and a reference to the series by using the word episode.


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