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Angel Orange
Angel Orange
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Angel Orange
Friends: Orange
Enemies: Devil Orange (rival)
Occupation: Orange's Good side
First Appearance: "Cruel as a Cucumber"
Performed by: Dane Boedigheimer
Color Scheme
skin cloud and wings ring

Angel Orange is the minor character of Annoying Orange. He is orange's good side. He is the rival of Devil Orange. His first and single appearences is "Cruel as a Cucumber"


Angel Orange was same like Orange. His ring is yellow. His cloud and wings is white.


Like Orange, he can still be annoying, but he is slightly more polite to the people who know he exists. He tells Orange to say "Why the long face?" and "You should tell Cucumber that he looks green with envy!" to Cucumber. He eventually gets into an argument with Devil Orange, which he eventually wins.. They insult each other by calling one another "Apple" repeatedly, giving Orange a headache.


There are relationships of Angel Orange.


Angel Orange was a good side of Orange.

Devil OrangeEdit

Angel Orange being rivarly to Devil Orange.


Angel Orange and Devil Orange trying to teaching win for Orange annoys Cucumber like Orange.


Angel, Devil Orange, Orange meets Pear



"We're you!"

—"Cruel as a Cucumber"

"No, Orange! You can't tell him that!"

—"Cruel as a Cucumber"

"You should ask Cucumber, why the long face?"

—"Cruel as a Cucumber"

"Seeds won't work. You have to tell him that he looks green with envy. (laughing)"

—"Cruel as a Cucumber"

"(interrupts Devil Orange) Hey, pal, how about you stop horning in?"

—"Cruel as a Cucumber"

"Nice fork, dude! Is that for salad or dinner? (laughing) "

—"Cruel as a Cucumber"


—"Cruel as a Cucumber"


—"Cruel as a Cucumber"

"Hey, Pear!" (simultaneously with Devil Orange and the regular Orange.)

—"Cruel as a Cucumber"


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