AO Apple (Season 2)
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Apple
Friends: Orange and Pear
First Appearance: "The Amnesiac Orange"
Performed by: Aaron Massey
Color Scheme
skin eye teeth

Apple was a character who only appeared in the episode of The Amnesiac Orange. The reason why is because he was taking advantage of Orange's amnesia and played pranks on him. However, this didn't last because Orange remembered and he got his come-uppance when he was knifed.

He is the eleventh apple to appear in the series and the last in Season 2.

When he got knifed, Orange says "I guess Apple forgot how this works" which is probably a reference to the deaths of the apples who previously appeared in the series. This is also a reference because they used the case knifing scene except for the faces and special effects.


The only difference from his body than Apple is that it is slightly brightened and played by Aaron Massey.

This apple is the first apple to be played by Aaron Massey since Red Delicious and Golden Delicious from Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples.

When he was knifed, along with the apple from The Annoying Orange, an apple seed was left behind.