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AO Bananas (Exploding Orange)
Character Information
Gender: Males ♂
Species: Bananas
Friends: Orange, Passion Fruit, Kiwi, Pear
Enemies: Gorilla
First Appearance: "The Exploding Orange"
Performed by: Ian Hecox (Banana 2)
Anthony Padilla {Banana 1)
Color Scheme
skin feet hair

Bananas is the minor character of The Annoying Orange. They appeared in The Exploding Orange as new friends of Orange until they're eaten by a gorilla. They are played by Smosh: Anthony Padilla as the left banana and Ian Hecox as the right banana. The newspaper says that a gorilla escaped the zoo, meaning that the bananas would have more danger, until they got eaten by the gorilla.Revived but crushed by tank. Revived agine in The Weenies personality. They are both relaxed but they are very rarely arrogant and selfish, unil after their death. It is known that they are similar.they also do make friends, in exploding orange, they started to make friends with orange, although they are easily irritated or annoyed by orange. They later appeared in U Can't Squash This somehow getting a wedgie from Squash.