Broccoli Minions
AO Broccoli Minion
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Broccoli
Friends: Broccoli Leader, Vivisector 9000, Orange, Pear
Enemies: Orange, Pear (formerly)
First Appearance: "Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind"
Performed by: Dane Boedigheimer
Color Scheme
hair body other

The Broccoli Minions are like alien assistants of Broccoli Leader aboard the ship, and they appear in the episodes, Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind and one in Frankenfruit (as a part of Frankenfruit body)


The broccoli minions were Broccoli Leader's assistants. After the Broccoli Leader's death, they made Orange their new leader and carved his face in the moon (which Orange said was Onion) for him. One broccoli minion returned in the Halloween special Frankenfruit, being the right leg for the horrifying Frankenfruit. This minion eventually died in the Halloweenie attack.

They were all played by Dane Boedigheimer.


  • "Ah, the specimens are conscious."
  • "Welcome to space, Earthlings."
  • "Quiet."
  • "Silence, the leader approaches."
  • "What? No, I said leader".
  • "The leader is, no more."
  • "No more?"
  • "No more."
  • "Long live - our new leader!"
  • "Yay!"
  • "What are your thoughts, new leader?"