AO Celery
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Celery
Friends: Orange, Cabbage, Onion, Grapefruit (sometimes), Midget Apple, Marshmallow
Enemies: Grapefruit
First Appearance: "Excess Cabbage"
Performed by: Kevin Brueck
Color Scheme
skin foot other

Celery is a supporting character who appears in Excess Cabbage and Best Friends Forever. He is played by Kevin Brueck.


Celery is a stalk of celery that has seven stalks. Only four of those stalks have faces, it is possible the other three are facing the other way. In Best Friends Forever only the front of the Celery group ever talks. The front of the celery is British, using words like 'chap' and having a strong British accent.


The video starts with Celery telling jokes to his friends, which they laugh at, but then, Orange almost heckles, but Orange can't because everyone else he annoys gets killed by Knife. But when Orange turns over to Cabbage, Celery laughs at his puns. He doesn't appear for the remainder of the video. However, he may still support Orange's puns.

He was against Grapefruit's tormenting along with Orange and Midget Apple.


Excess CabbageEdit

  • (To the other stalks) "In fact, around the produce section I'm known as a bit of a playboy. So she said she heard it was the onion, but Onion, he's like, 'I'm not the one dropping stink bombs over here!'"
  • "W-w-w-what is it,Orange?"
  • "Oh, I can get a date any time I want!"
  • (laughs)

Best Fiends ForeverEdit

  • "Um, I'm not actually rhubarb."
  • "Not listening to you! See how easy it is; real a piece of cake."
  • "Chopped up?"
  • "What?"
  • (screams)
  • "That is NOT funny, man!"


  • He is the first character with an unknown fate. (He might of died in Marshmallow's explosion.)
  • He is the first character who is one fruit/vegetable but has many heads to talk with.
  • He is the second character with an accent, first is Soccer Ball (English), Fourth is Exploding Kiwi (Australian) and second is Liam the Leprechaun (Irish).