Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig
Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Guinea Pig
Enemies: Chocolate and Graham Cracker
Occupation: Killer
First Appearance: "Annoying Saw 2: The Annoying Death Trap"
Performed by: Ian Hecox (from Smosh)

Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig is a character who has a YouTube channel and only appears in Annoying Saw 2: The Annoying Death Trap. He is played by Ian Hecox of Smosh. A running gag is that he is morbidly drunk, which makes him act unreasonable and rude.


The theme song in the original episodes explains that Charlie was adopted by Ian and Anthony (from Smosh), when the two found Charlie in a trash can. Charlie has a slurred English accent, and is constantly drinking booze (although he has never actually been shown drinking it). Because of his drinking problem, Charlie is idiotic, cranky, and rude. However, if he sobers up for more than a few days, he will begin to shoot lasers from his eyes uncontrollably.

Charlie in the original episodesEdit

In the original episode, after several incidents, Ian and Anthony think that Charlie should leave. The landlord comes in and asks for the money he needed, but Charlie threatens him that he will not get any money, and that if he keeps persisting, he will stab him. The landlord runs off frightened, Ian and Anthony congratulate Charlie and let him stay, but the landlord comes back in with a rifle. However, Charlie is first to react and throws his knife (Mr. Stabby) at the landlord.

In the second episode, Charlie is demanding booze constantly (after an incident that morning when he pooped in Ian and Anthony's cereal, who thought the poop was chocolate chip chunks). Smosh explains that he has an audition for Disney the next day and they need him sober so he can nail it and not pay Charlie's rent, despite Charlie's pleas that if he sobers up, his eyes will shoot lasers. At the audition, Charlie stammers through the script, but his temper explodes and he yells 'ALRIGHT! *bleep* THIS! HERE'S WHAT I REALLY GOT FOR YOU *bleep*!', and raps a song about his lifestyle (which includes dancing women in bikinis). The Disney employee's do not allow Charlie to act for Disney, and Charlie throws Mr. Stabby at him. After Charlie makes some funny noises, Ian and Anthony hear an unusual sound, wondering if Charlie's on the booze. Suddenly, they realise that Charlie has not had any alcohol for a week, and in one of the rooms, Charlie is shooting lasers out of his eyes, proving his warning correct. The Disney employee bursts in and threatens to sue Charlie for stabbing him, but Charlie builds up a super laser and zaps it at him, leaving a massive hole inside him.

In the third episode, the landlord returns, this time working for Kim Jong Il to capture Charlie as revenge on Anthony and Ian for ruining his nuclear weapon plans (watch Breaking The Habit). Charlie, Anthony and Ian begin reading porn, and later Charle is hospitalised by Ian for cheating on Antionette. Meanwhile the landlord is given a vaccum cleaner to capture Charlie, and the evil plot is set in motion...

In Part 2, Charlie is forbidden to drink again until he recovers. He attempts many schemes in order to get some booze, which end in failure. At one point he accidently drinks arsenic that he found under the sink, and later builds a robot avatar of Ian to get to the booze cabinet, which goes haywire and ends up stabbing the landlord. When the landlord finally tries to capture Charlie, the vaccum hole is too small, causing the vaccum to overload. The Landlord attempts to flee, and Charlie throws Mr. Stabby at him, only to stab Ian by mistake. Together with Anthony, Charlie catch up to the land lord and, using the vaccum cleaner, send Charlie flying on Mr. Stabby and stabbing the landlord, putting an end to Kim Jong Il's plots.

On his own YouTube channel, Charlie answers questions sent by viewers on his YouTube channel called AskCharlie. Later episodes usually contain a celebrity of some short.

Charlie in the Annoying OrangeEdit

Annoying Saw 2: The Annoying Death TrapEdit

Charlie literally appears with a chainsaw because Orange said Jigsaw's game was "a drunk guinea pig with a chainsaw". Then, at the end, he reappears and possibly kills Graham Cracker and Chocolate. His appearance was a spur of the moment.


  • "Booooozzzzeeeee!" (Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig series)
  • "Shut up or you'll get a visit from Mr. Stabby!" (Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig series)
  • "Die, you bloody pervs!!" (Annoying Orange)