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AO Cob
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Kernel Cornface
Species: Corn
Enemies: Orange, Midget Apple, Pear, Marshmallow, Grapefruit, and Grandpa Lemon
Occupation: Colonel
First Appearance: "Wazzup Blowup"
Performed by: Rafi Fine
Color Scheme
skin glasses leaf

Cob is a character who appeared Wazzup Blowup. He is the second character to be annoyed by a Wazzup! chain.


Cob is very serious, hardworking, and short-tempered.

When Cob needs to wait for a very vital phone call, Orange and his friends interrupt him by shouting Wazzup, until Cob gets very annoyed, and shouted at them to shut up. Orange and his friends (even Grapefruit and Grandpa Lemon) continue to shout the Wazzup chain until Cob gets very angry (and explodes, becoming popcorn).


  • "Yeah, that's right! I need you to prioritize the Johnson report, and get Tyler and the phone, pronto! No, this is an emergency; things are poppin'!"
  • "Orange!"
  • "Okay champ, look, I'm expecting a very important call! I'm the ear that everyone wants to talk to- Orange!"
  • "You got the cob!"
  • "Hey watch it, mini munchkin man!"
  • "Nobody cares! Just shut up! Man, you idiots are making my kernels itch!"
  • "Okay, if I pick up this phone, and if it's someone screaming 'Wazzup!', I'll bring the word of pain on each and everyone of you! Alright. (presses his phone) Yello."


  • Cob is a policeman
  • Cob is not a fruit but a vegetable