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AO Crabapple
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Crabapple
Enemies: Orange and Midget Apple
First Appearance: "Crabapple"
Performed by: Ray William johnson
Color Scheme
skin cloth other

Crabapple is a character who only appeared in Crabapple. He is voiced by Ray William Johnson. He is one of the characters who had a bully-like personality and had a very cranky temper.


Crabapple was an extremely cranky, bad tempered, rude, crabby, sarcastic and snorty crabapple. His temper was even worse than Cheese's. However, he does not have suicidal thoughts/wanting to commit a suicide like Cheese. He said a lot of mean words.

Orange annoyed him by singing songs to himself. When Orange first saw Crabapple, he thought Crabapple is a "Midget Apple", but Crabapple corrects him and said that Midget Apple is a real midget apple. When

Orange tries to annoy him again, Crabapple also just ignores him with his stupid puns, until he kept quiet for a few seconds. Crabapple also refused when Orange tells him to listen about the time he met Pumpkin, and called him a "freaking idiot". Crabapple also stated that it is not funny when Pumpkin is referred to as Plumpkin. At the end, Crabapple was killed when Pumpkin was dropped on top of him for no reason at all.


  • (off screen) "That totally sucked!"
  • "Don't quit your day job, buddy."
  • "Hello, McFly! Right here, right in front of you....."
  • "Oh come on, are you tone-deaf and blind?"
  • "No, no, no, no, no, I'm a crabapple. That's a midget apple."
  • "Is that some sort of thing happened alot around here?"
  • "(mockingly laughs) Shut up! Cripes, I'm starting to miss the singing."
  • "No, none of this is good. I'm stuck with an Orange that rubs his mouth like a meat eater on rocket fuel, a Crab that thinks he's a cowboy and a frickin' midget apple!"
  • "Nobody cares!"
  • "Be quiet!"
  • "Shut it!"
  • "Shut!"
  • "It!"
  • "Hey!"
  • "SHUT UP!!
  • "NO!"
  • "Crabapple!"
  • "No kidding?! That's all you've been doing since I got here! No kidding would be great, you should back to work on that right away you freaking idiot!
  • "Dimple face, dimwitted pile of......
  • "It's not funny."
  • "No it's.......Hey, what happened to the lights?"
  • "Plumpkin?" (screams and gets crushed)