Orange: (nyans)

Mango: Well, dice it easy, now!

Orange: Hey Pickle!

Mango: Is there a big pickle here!

Orange: Hello? Over here! Big Pickle!

Mango: (Looking around) Big Pickle, where are you at?

Orange: I'm talking to you, Jarhead! (Laughs)

Mango: Oh, well, I'm not a pickle. I'm...

Orange: Jabba the Hut?

Mango: Uh, more like Mango the Mango, but...

Orange: What? I thought it took two to mango! (Laughs)

Mango: No, that's a dance. And as you can see, I don't have legs.

(The scene cuts to Orange rocking side to side)

Orange: Hey! Hey, Jabba! Check it out!

Mango: Okay, I told you, that's not my...

(Orange starts humming)

Mango: Wha... What are you doing?

Orange: Duh. I'm doing the Mango.

Mango: Oh, seriously? What is wrong with you?

Orange: (Singing to the tune of the "Fanta" jingle) Don't you wanta wanta Mango? Don't you wanta wanta Mango?

Mango: Oh, come on! I'm not a freakin' soft drink!

Orange: No, but you do look like you're gonna pop. (Laughs)

Mango: (growls angrily)

Orange: Hey, Jabba! Can you curl your toungue and make trumpet sounds?

Mango: What?

Orange: Like this! (makes "trumpet" sounds)

Mango: That doesn't even sound like a trumpet!

Orange: (still making "trumpet" sounds)

Mango: Stop it!

Orange: (still making "trumpet" sounds)


Orange: (laughing)

Mango: (growls) Okay, buddy! Time out!

Orange: Time out? What's that?

Mango: We need to talk about...

Orange: Walruses?

Mango: No. It's time to talk about the game of life! See...

Orange: (imitates buzzer) This game sucks! Let's play something else. (laughing)

Mango: Orange! I know what you're doing. You're using humor to keep others from getting close.

Orange: That's not true.

Mango: Sure it is. After all, the carnage you've seen, it's only natural. It's hard meeting people, but not nearly as hard as watching them go.

Orange: Stop it, Mango. You're making my eyes juicy.

Mango: Oh, let it go, Orange. Just let it go.

Orange: Hmm...

(Emotional music starts playing and flashbacks appear from earlier episodes. It shows the deaths of Apple, Pineapple, Cabbage, Cucumber and Walnut)

Orange: (sighs) Good times.

Mango: Let it go, Orange. Just let it go.

Orange: Thanks a bunch, Mango.

Mango: Well, I am a life coach.

(Both laugh)

Mango: No really, I am. So you know, if you got any friends that might need some help.

Orange: Ooh, I know who you should talk to.

Mango: Who's that?

Ornage: Knife.

(Knife tries to cut Mango)

Mango: Ow!!

Orange: Oh, sorry about the heads-up. (laughs)

(Knife saws Mango)

Mango: Stop it! Stop it!

Orange: Oooh...

(Knife starts hitting mango à la chopping)

Mango: Ow! Ow! Ow!

Orange: I knew you guys would hit it off. (laughs)

(While knife still saws the mango, other arm's thumb sticks mango to his right eye)

Orange: (groans in disgust) Talk about an eyeful.

(Knife goes away)

Mango: Oh man, that's gonna leave a mark.

Orange: Oh-ho...

(Knife starts sawing him again and this time other arm sitcks frok to his right eye)

Mango: Oww! Oww!

Orange: Wuh-oh, looks like you're gonna have to fork it over. (laughs)

Mango: (To knife) You idiot! That's not how you cut a mango.

(Knife goes away again)

Orange: Way to go, Mango. You're winning.

Mango: That's because it's a new day in the kitchen, Orange. Trust me. (Laughs maniacally and screams when Knife cuts his face off)

(Ending card rolls in)

Orange: Oh, poor Mango. But at least he looks peaceful. (laughs)