AO Peach
Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Peach
Friends: Jalapeño and Fruit Basket
Enemies: Knife
First Appearance: Jalapeño
Performed by: Shira Lazar

Peach is a supporting character of The Annoying Orange and was one of the fruits that was in the Fruit Basket. She first appeared in Jalapeño and had a crush on Jalapeño, like all of the others in the basket. In her reappearance in Wishful Thinking, Pear was trying to talk to her in the world without Orange, but was unable to, because Orange wasn't there to "pull him out of his shell" and make him more confident with other fruits. She made a third appearance in Comedy Clubbing as a character in the background. Peach also appeared as a character created by Daneboe for part of an interview. She then appeared in Cruel Middle School being voted most likely to dance in the pit.


  • "Mr. Jalapeño, I have a friend and like, she was wondering if you'd ever be interested a peach?"
  • "Free Bird! Do Free Bird!"


  • She can be seen behind Orange in Comedy Clubbing.
  • She is the only character in the Fruit Basket that has appeared multiple times.