AO Slider Pear


Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Pear-bear
Species: Orange
Friends: Orange
Midget Apple
Passion Fruit
Grandpa Lemon
Grapefruit (sometimes)
Enemies: Grapefruit
Relatives: Papa Pear (father)
Mama Pear (mother)
Unnamed brother
Unnamed sister
First Appearance: "The Annoying Orange"
Performed by: Dane Boedigheimer
Color Scheme
skin cloth other

Pear (Born December 12th 2007 is one of the main characters in the Annoying Orange. His best friend was Orange, even though Pear still thinks Orange is annoying (same as mean Alan/Darwin still think Gumball's annoying on The Amazing World of Gumball). He is the deuteragonist (secondary protagonist) of the series and is one of the only characters to appear in every season. He is portrayed by Dane Boedigheimer.

Personalty Edit

Pear is often the voice of reason in the kitchen. He usually stays calm in difficult situations, has an easygoing nature, and rarely insults anybody. Pear is good at socializing, which has helped him make frie nds in the kitchen. It is also shown that he is just about always acting and being so serious. At times however he can be a bit of a social 'loser', (which was stated in Wishful Thinking that without Orange he would have no social skills or friends). In Deviled Egg his heart's desire that he requests is a book called "How to make new friends".

Description Edit

Pear can be described as the boring one, who's always trying to ruin the gang's adventures, but every time he fails by Orange and the audience.  Pear does mean well, but all he does is make  the audience bored.   During season 1, Pear seems pretty annoyed by Orange and doesn't even expet him as a friend. But after season 1, Pear starts going on adventures with Orange, and getting a little more use to him. After season 2, Pear completley accepts Orange as a friend, exept in the TV show, Orange acts like his usaul Season 1 self.



Main article: Orange

Orange is Pear's best friend (despite him annoying him repeatedly). Whenever they're together, Pear knows something interesting will happen. Pear is now less affected by Orange's annoying habits and it is presumed that Orange has helped Pear over the years as well. It is revealed in "Wishful Thinking" that without Orange, Pear would not know how to socialize or have any friends. In Juice Boxing, Pear is seen trying to read a book called "How to Deal with Annoying People", presumable to tolerate Orange's annoyance. In Cartoon Network's episode "Sir Juice-A-Lot", however, Pear denies two times that Orange is his friend. It seems that in the TV show, Pear denies it because he doesn't want to get embarrassed. However, he admitted it twice in the web series.

Passion FruitEdit

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Passion was Pear's friend since Passion of the Fruit mostly because they are the both the smartest in the kitchen, Passion probably being first because she never makes jokes, and nearly has the same personailty of Pear.


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Mandy was seen kissing Pear in the finale of Season 2. Pear might be in a relationship with Mandy, but it has not been confirmed as Mandy has only appeared once.


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Pear is good friends with Marshmallow, after they met in Orange's birthday party. They were seen as partners as fooling the gang in "April Fruits Day", although Pear was very irritated that Marshmallow blew their cover. In "Ask President Marshmallow", Marshmallow almost blows a fuse when Pear keeps asking him/her, but Pear stopped. He has on several occassions switched voices and/or personalities with Marshmallow; at Orange's birthday party Orange pops a helium balloon and it blows in his face giving him a highpiched voice like Marshmallow, in Deviled Egg when all of the characters souls are returned Marshmallow and Pear's soul got mixed up so Marshmallow was in Pear's body (and vice versa), and in April Fruits Day he and Marshmallow dressed up as each other.

Midget AppleEdit

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Midget Apple is good friends with Pear. Out of everyone in the series, Pear makes the most progress in calling him Little Apple, which he enjoys and probably looks up to Pear. In Rump Roast, they are seen playing Monopoly togheter.