Soccer Ball
AO Soccer Ball
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Football, Futbol, Melon
Species: Soccer Ball
Enemies: Orange and Football
First Appearance: "Super Bowl Football"
Performed by: Dane Boedigheimer
Color Scheme
Skin cloth other

Soccer Ball (aka Football, Futbol, or Melon) is a character that appears in the Super Bowl Football and the Orange Cup. He calls himself Football, while Orange calls him Melon. He had two appearances so far, and had no death, but was kicked by Dane's foot. He has an English accent. Melon also appeared in Picture Contest Winners!


Super Bowl FootballEdit

  • "I'm not a melon, I'm a football!"
  • "I tell ya I'm the bloody football not him."

The Orange CupEdit

  • "I'm not a melon!"
  • "Holy crap you're annoying!"

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