Season: 1
Broadcast Number: 3
Airing Information
Released: December 4, 2009 (original upload)
February 15, 2010 (re-uploaded)
Written by: Spencer Grove
Dane Boedigheimer
Directed by: Dane Boedigheimer
Episode Chronology
"Sandy Claus"

TOE-MAY-TOE is the 3rd episode of The Annoying Orange.


Orange meets Tomato in kitchen.


The episode starts with Orange mumbling, complaining that he was bored. Tomato arrives in the kitchen wondering where he is. Orange almost immediately mistakes Tomato for Apple because he was red. Orange continues annoying Tomato, calling him a vegetable and a "TOE-MAY-TOE". Tomato then freaks out and Dane comes into the kitchen, taking Tomato and placing him in a blender. Later, Tomato, as ketchup served with a burger and French fries, continued to be annoyed by some of Orange's pranks, including "Hey Tomato, good to see ya! I was hoping we could ketch-up!"


  • Orange humiliated Potato in the episode Muddy Buddy by saying "Poe-Tay-Toe" and it obviously came from Toe-May-Toe.

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